Cut House Haircompany GmbH Co KG NEUSTÄDTER STR. Daniel har nu gjort fet karriär som snut. Eviction Date on October 09, 2020, Chile: Words by Compañero Juan Aliste Vega on the Departure of Pedro Villaroel, San Miguel Prison, Chile: New Drawing by Anarchist Prisoner Mónica Caballero, Enough 14 Mastodon (Todon) Timeline @enough14GNU, enough14GNU: “#Amsterdam: Full video of the …”, enough14GNU: “#Lockdown in #France: Let's bl…”, enough14GNU: “Free Giannis Michailidis and a…”, enough14GNU: “"A riot erupted at the Wistron…”, enough14GNU: “Self and Others: Max #Stirner …”. We see Wetsuweten, Secwepemc, and Mohawk warriors and matriarchs standing firm against the fascist state that is trying to unabashedly and continually steal their land through state militia sponsored industrial projects. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. All green." Keep the Enough 14 blog and the Enough 14 Info-Café going. Throughout these territories, early railways displaced indigenous peoples, carried […], Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info Early in the evening of Friday November 27th in Tio’tia:ke/Montreal, Canadian Pacific (freight) and AMT (commuter trains) traffic was interrupted as a response to the Coast to Coast call to Action* against the continued violent invasion of unceded Indigenous territory by militarized colonial police forces. [Τοπικά Νέα] [Βόλος] – 6 μήνες μετά δεν ξεχνάμε, δε συγχωρούμε. Kundenservice. Our full solidarity goes to the victim! Twelve people from the group “Sonst besetzen wir” had occupied it during a housing protest of about 800 people. Öffnungszeiten. Backlash as Britons told what they can and can't eat by climate committee. -September 11th … Continue reading →, [09.10.20 RÄUMUNSGVERSUCH DER LIEBIG34 – DON’T TOUCH LIEBIG34!!!!!] This one is mld to the semi-detached house tiling. While governments […], Author: A Las Barricadas interviewing Peter GelderloosTitle: ‘It Depends On All Of Us’Date: 2019Notes: To read the articles referenced throughout this text in [square brackets], PDFs of Return Fire and related publications can be read, downloaded and printed via / returnfire@riseup.netSource: Translated for Return Fire vol.6 chap.1, autumn 2020 [ed. November 30, 2020. The three are below, all were received anonymously. Unsurprisingly, the occasion has been celebrated by the publication of a number of hagiographies from Marxist outlets. They threatened to evict Liebig34 on Friday, October 9 at … Continue reading →, [Prisiones chilenas] Palabras del compañero Juan Aliste Vega ante la partida de Pedro Villarroel See also: In Memory of Pedro Villarroel We’re love at war. Now I wonder if I should start scraping. Ich hatte einen Haarschnitt wo sich an den Enden ein V bildet. I must specify because these devils are crafty that everything I am doing and attempt to do in the future is PEACEFUL…, from Viscera Join us Sunday, December 13th from 1 pm-3 pm EST for our next discussion! Mit dem Yacht Navigator können Sie ihr Tablet oder Smartphone einfach und intuitiv in Echtzeit als Kartenplotter verwenden. Last night (November 11) a young man from Bielefeld, who came here some years ago, was attacked with a knife by a group of fascists. Start. Be sure to attend! Vi drar igång vår antinationalistiska kampanj Hata sverige idag! Borussia Dortmund eased past lowly Arminia Bielefeld … The SPVM had […], Anonymous submission to North Shore Counter-info We hear the cries for help coming out across this fake nation. Die Yacht Navigator App basiert auf dem Kartenmaterial der gedruckten Binnen- und Seekarten des Delius Klasing Verlags. VIEW UPDATE REFLECTED. They won a fight for equal Paid Time Off (PTO) in March 2020, during a pandemic. is back to fully functional. Gear1: gear parameters: VIEW SELECT. The Black Rose Anarchist Federation remarks on the coming to power of the Biden administration, looks back at Trump, and discusses what might come next. Dj Cut. Textsammlung auf deutsch, Writings on the Wall : A New CrimethInc. September 2020 wurde in Frankreich der Gesundheitsnotstand aufs Neue erklärt, verbunden mit einer weiteren Ausgangssperre. Free shipping and free returns on eligible items. While Donald Trump’s refusal to concede marks a departure from the established norms of U.S. bourgeois democracy, it has not amounted to the coup that many feared it would. Die Beschreibung wie ich meine Haare geschnitten haben wollte war deutlich: genau der gleiche Haarschnitt den ich hatte, nur die Spitzen müssen ab. Be sure to attend! Solidarity with first nations people continuing to oppose colonial destruction of this continent and the rest of the earth. Amazon Workers International, an international network of militant Amazon workers, wrote this beautiful […], Greece November header.jpg The New Democracy administration continues to exploit the pandemic to take action against immigrants and anarchists, implementing an updated form of strategies that have not been seen since the Junta of the late 1960s and early ’70s. What a week it has been! Kann ich niemanden empfehlen! Attempts to relay what is happening in any specific […], Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info This island is riddled with train tracks: arteries that enable the flow of capital across the continent, conduits for the transport of bitumen and other products of resource exploitation, colonization, and death. A curated collection of industry and product deep-dives. While Donald Trump’s refusal […], The post This Week In Fascism #87: MAGA and Far-Right Clamor for Violence as Proud Boys Launch Attacks appeared first on It's Going Down. One of the texts was “In Defence of Working Class Existence as a Choice”, by the UK-based group Angry Workers of the World. Report from Perilous Chronicle on wave of protests across Central California against rising pandemic related deaths of prisoners. Bewerten Sie Produkte und Dienstleistungen und helfen Sie anderen dabei, die richtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen. Descarga: Jacques Camatte – Bordiga y el destino de […], REVISTA “YA NO HAY VUELTA ATRÁS” NÚMERO ESPECIAL: LA DEMOCRACIA ES EL ORDEN DEL CAPITAL, APUNTES CONTRA LA TRAMPA CONSTITUYENTE Acaban de salir algunas copias de imprenta de este material que difundimos en pdf la víspera del plebiscito del 25 de octubre, el cual con la abrumadora victoria del “Apruebo” abrió paso al “Proceso Constituyente”, […], Compañerxs Una época llega a su fin. Grounded in peasant and indigenous knowledges, struggles for food sovereignty and agrarian reform, agroecology is understood by social movements as “a […], The abrupt replacement of president Martin Vizcarra by the president of congress Manuel Merino has ignited a week of protests in multiple cities in Peru, including Lima. Kolla in på vår facebooksida, och passa på och gilla och sprida Är du nyfiken så finns mer info på Krossa nationalismen!Hata sverigeSverige är ett land som byg... Vi pyntar staden. Eigentlich würde ich null Sterne geben, leider ist das nicht möglich. As Trump seems to topple towards the edge, his supporters and even some members of the Republican party continue to amp up […], The post As Pandemic Death Toll Rises, Protesters Converge on Corrections Secretary’s Home and Prisons Across California’s Central Valley appeared first on It's Going Down. A thick (thickness of a […], One week ago today, the 14 day occupation of Hamilton City Hall known as Freedom Camp came down voluntarily. Get the latest local Detroit and Michigan breaking news and analysis , sports and scores, photos, video and more from The Detroit News. Ich kann nur gutes über meine Friseurin Martina berichten. (Milios 2009) Milios explicitly opposes both heterodox economics and a Marxism underpinned […], taken from Sūnzǐ Bīngfǎ Dieser Text erschien am 28. [Τοπικά Νέα] Ρουβίκωνας: Παρέμβαση στην οικία της Όλγας Μπαλαούρα -διοικήτριας ‘Αγίου Σάββα’- στον Γέρακα, [Τοπικά Νέα] [Χανιά] πανό και σπρέυ για Errol και Αλβανία, One struggle one fight: linking worker struggle with climate action, Why socialists should pause before celebrating Engels’ 200th birthday, The importance of being rooted: an interview with Angry Workers World, Bite the hand that feeds you: fighting wage theft and winning, Finance under state capitalism: Re-conceptualising capital markets through China’s financial transformation, Value Form and Abstract Labor in Marx: A Critical Review of Alfred Sohn-Rethel’s Notion of ‘Real Abstraction’, Two Missives from a PA Prison, from Comrade Elliot, December virtual anarchist discussion: lockdown and isolation, Political Prisoners and Prison Rebel Birthdays for December, West Sound Proud Boys Planning Violence Ahead of 12/12 Olympia Rally, Olympia: All Out Against Fascist Violence 12/12, Portland: Monument to Genocide Toppled and Defaced, Towards A More Holistic Violence: Thoughts on PNW Anti-Fascism, FBI Attempting to Harass Seattle Area Activists, Prisoners in Chile – international statement, Demonstrations against the police in Nigeria and murder by the military, France: thousands demonstrate against extension of police state, Jeff Shantz - The Real “Dangerous Classes”, A Las Barricadas interviewing Peter Gelderloos - ‘It Depends On All Of Us’, Errico Malatesta - Anarchism and Syndicalism, Hans Ulrich Obrist interviewing Raoul Vaneigem - In Conversation with Raoul Vaneigem, Traducción del texto “Bordiga y el destino de la especie” de Jacques Camatte, REVISTA “YA NO HAY VUELTA ATRÁS” NÚMERO ESPECIAL: LA DEMOCRACIA ES EL ORDEN DEL CAPITAL, APUNTES CONTRA LA TRAMPA CONSTITUYENTE, Libro Evade Chile «Reporte de una insurrección», Ya no hay vuelta atras N° especial: La democracia es el orden del Capital: apuntes contra la trampa constituyente, Indonesia: Call for Financial Solidarity from Jurnal Anarki, Santiago, Chile: Photographic Record of the 2020 September 11 Demonstrations, Berlin, Germany: Don’t Touch Liebig34! But where does this militancy come from? Bielefeld. Fordern Sie ein Angebot von mehreren Firmen in Ihrer Nähe an. 1920 Corona är viruset. Having defeated host Jacksonville Tuesday night, Campbell has earned at least a share of the tournament title when it concludes Thursday.--- A Pittsburgh Anti-Fascist Reports Back from D12 in Washington D.C. On Thursday, a Bielefeld judge found Klaus O. guilty of the attempted murder, and handed him a sentence that’s rare for the country: life in prison. Aktuell. Nachdem die Kneipen schon seit mehreren Wochen nach 21 Uhr schließen mussten, […]. The perpetrators left a swastika on the chest of the victim. Ich muss jetzt dank dieser Frau ein halbes Jahr mit unglaublich hässlichen Haaren rum laufen. App inklusive kostenlosem Probekartensatz. By Ryan Fatica In […], The post Car Attack Injures Anti-ICE Demonstrators in New York appeared first on It's Going Down. Bitte beachten Sie den aktuellen Salonaushang. Mit der Wiedereröffnung werden zusätzliche Hygiene- und Sicherheitsmaßnahmen im Salon umgesetzt. Deep in the industrial heartland of Sydney, workers stand along the opening gates to […], In October, our group participated in a discussion on salting, industrialising, and other related strategies that have the common theme of seeking employment in particular jobs for political reasons. We are able to receive submissions as usual. Σπρέυ στην πόλη των Χανίων, και ανάρτηση πανό, Last Saturday the 12th of December, people gathered in Sydney’s CBD to rally first for climate jobs and just transitions, and then in support of Coles workers who have been locked out of their Smeaton Grange warehouse in NSW for three months over Christmas and New Years after starting a 24 hour strike.